Bursary fund helps lung cancer nurses attend specialist conference

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Bursary fund helps lung cancer nurses attend specialist conference

30th January 2013

A group of specialist lung cancer nurses were able to attend the recent British Thoracic Oncology Conference in Dublin thanks to a bursary fund set up by Fentons Solicitors.

Bridget Collier, head of the Industrial Disease department at Fentons, said the annual ‘BTOG’ Conference showcases the latest research and developments in lung cancer care and treatment. “As part of one of the country's leading personal injury firms, the Industrial Disease team regularly attends conferences and exhibitions – including the BTOG Conference - in an effort to continue our learning and understanding of the complex issues associated with lung disease,” said Bridget, a partner with the firm. “To further support these events, we set up a bursary fund to enable members of the nursing community to attend when they might otherwise be unable to do so.”

Bridget, together with partners Karl Tonks, Lesley Mynett and Edmund Young, also attended the Dublin conference at the end of January. “There were more than 600 delegates at this year’s event, from across a broad range of medical fields,” said Bridget. “We made sure we were there because we find it a huge help to meet with medical and administrative staff to discuss the latest advances in treatment, as well as the many legal avenues available to patients diagnosed with a lung disease.

“It’s vital that we continue to expand our own knowledge so that we are able to offer our clients the best advice and level of service, whilst similarly it’s important that medical personnel are aware of the legal aspects of a case, for example the strict time limit on claiming compensation following diagnosis,” said Bridget. “We always stress the importance of victims discussing their condition with a legal specialist as soon as possible.”

Four specialist lung cancer nurses from different UK hospitals were able to attend the event after successfully applying to the Fentons bursary fund. “The fund has already enabled nurses to attend the National Lung Cancer Forum for Nurses Conference in Brighton last Autumn 2012,” said Bridget, “and we wanted to make sure that funding was available for those attending the BTOG Conference too.

“We’re keen to see the continued advancement of lung disease care and feel that by introducing this bursary and enabling nursing staff to attend these events, we’re in some small way helping to achieve that goal,” said Bridget. “We’re hoping that in the coming year we will be able to give even more assistance where it’s needed, and help even more nurses.”

How can Fentons Solicitors help?

Fentons has a specialist department experienced in handling claims for victims of industrial diseases including lung cancer and asbestos-related illnesses.

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