Building site safety concerns after recent inspections

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Building site safety concerns after recent inspections

15th March 2010

Poor safety conditions on building sites hit the headlines again this week, as more than a quarter of the construction sites visited by Health and Safety Executive inspectors in Greater Manchester failed safety inspections.

During two days of site visits, HSE inspectors carried out checks at 163 construction sites across the Manchester, Salford and Trafford area. A total of 56 enforcement notices were issued at 42 sites, either stopping work immediately or requiring improvements to be made. Some of the construction companies affected may also face being prosecuted.

"Apparently, nearly half of the enforcement notices concerned unsafe work being carried out at height," said Karl Tonks, a work accident specialist with Fentons Solicitors LLP. "Some of the other issues included dust, unsafe electrics and the general state of sites.

"It's very disappointing that such a large number of sites were operating in this way," said Karl. "Only recently, the HSE launched a campaign to improve awareness of issues regarding working at height, and the construction industry as a whole has long been a target of safety campaigns.

"I'm shocked that such a high percentage of the sites inspected fell below required safety standards, and I hope others view this as a wake-up call to start paying more attention to the issue."

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Source - HSE