British holidaymaker caught in hotel pipe explosion

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British holidaymaker caught in hotel pipe explosion

27th August 2010

A British holidaymaker has been seriously injured in an explosion outside a Spanish hotel.

The Somerset woman who was enjoying a weeks holiday with her friend and both their husbands, suffered a fractured skull and severe burns when she was blown into the air after a steam pipe exploded next to her in Marbella.

Katherine Allen, head of Travel and International Litigation at Fentons Solicitors LLP, said: "This was clearly a very serious incident. The woman, who took the full force of the blast is incredibly lucky to have survived."

The explosion happened just before 9.30am on Monday morning as the two couples headed towards the beach for a walk into nearby Puerto Banus.

The 53 year-old victim was walking next to her friend down a side-street running alongside their three-star hotel when the steam-pipe exploded. The force of the explosion knocked both women off their feet and blasted them several feet into the air. The women's husbands who had been walking directly in front of their wives were fortunate not to sustain any serious injuries.

The men recall hearing a loud bang, the ground shaking and dust everywhere. The victim's horrified husband remembers shouting his wife's name, thinking a bomb had just gone off. Unable to see though the clouds of dust he eventually discovered his wife lying unconscious and covered in blood streaming from wounds to her head and legs.

"This was a terrifying experience that could very easily have ended tragically," said Katherine, an associate with the firm. "There clearly needs to be a full investigation into how this was allowed to happen. Those responsible will need to ensure that such an accident never happens again."

The victim whose condition is reported as being 'very serious,' is being treated for second and third degree burns to 20 per cent of her body. She was breathing yesterday with the aid of a ventilator in an intensive care unit in Malaga. Her friend, who sustained an injury to her leg requiring fifteen stitches, has just been discharged from hospital.

The hotel involved with the accident was packed with British holidaymakers at the time of the explosion. The site where the pipe had fractured in two was surrounded by thirty feet of cracked plaster and broken bricks. Rooms above the burst pipes, thought to be carrying steam to heat up water tanks, were undamaged.

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