Brain injury victim awarded interim payment

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Brain injury victim awarded interim payment

15th October 2010

A pensioner who sustained a serious brain injury when he was hit by a bus has received an interim payment of £40,000.

Martin James, a specialist in brain injuries arising from road collisions, said the man had been lucky to survive the incident. "In the summer of 2008, my client was hit by a bus as he was crossing a road near to his home," said Martin, a partner with the firm. "He was rushed to hospital by ambulance, where he received treatment for several broken bones and a number of deep lacerations to his head and body."

The pensioner - a father of eight with eight grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren - remained in hospital for a number of weeks before being allowed home. "Despite being in his seventies, my client had been an active man before the incident," said Martin. "He would often go for walks, help with shopping and household chores and he and his wife enjoyed holidaying together. But after sustaining his brain injury, all of that changed."

Martin explained how when his client returned home, he had become aware that he was 'a different person'. "He is often confused and aggressive and sadly no longer recognises his own children," he said. "He now requires constant care.

"His wife looks after him all day every day - washing, dressing and cooking for him and ensuring he has everything he needs. He cannot be left on his own for fear of him wandering off or forgetting something which could lead to him injuring himself further."

The bus company has now admitted primary liability for the injuries the man sustained in the incident, a move welcomed by Martin.

"My client and his family have been devastated by this incident," he said. "Although this man - a husband, father and grandfather - survived his horrific injuries, the change in his character and his loss of ability to look after himself has had an enormous impact on everyone.

"As we now look to complete the settlement negotiations, this interim payment will enable my client and his family to deal with outstanding financial issues and begin to secure the care he will need in the future."

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