BMW recalls motorcycles over leaking brakes

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BMW recalls motorcycles over leaking brakes

20th May 2010

Motoring giant BMW has announced a worldwide recall of 122,000 motorcycles after discovering a leak in the braking system.

Following the recent Toyota crisis, the German vehicle manufacturer said a risk of leaks had been identified in the braking system of the K 1200 GT model - although it added it was not aware of any accidents linked to the problem.

Sam Harmel, a defective product specialist with Fentons Solicitors LLP, said the move was clearly a precautionary measure.

"The statement released by BMW says that only one in a thousand riders had reported a problem," said Sam, a partner with the firm. "It explains that although new brake hoses were brought in for the affected bikes three years ago, the outcome of replacing them has not been as good as expected. They have clearly decided to act now, hopefully preventing the problem from escalating in the way the Toyota issues did."

The problem is mainly caused by vibrations which could cause brake hoses to leak and the bike to lose brake fluid.

"It is expected that a rider would realise if they were suffering the problem as they would see brake fluid on their bike," said Sam. "It's only if the driver doesn't realise, and the brake fluid has completely gone, that the failure of the front brake might occur."

BMW, which according to its annual report sold 87,306 motorcycles last year, said that concerned motorbike owners should wait to receive a letter inviting them to take their bike for a service.

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Source - Sky News