Beware quad-bike danger, warns holiday injury specialist

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Beware quad-bike danger, warns holiday injury specialist

17th July 2009

A holiday injury specialist has warned holidaymakers to think twice before hiring quad bikes on foreign soil.

As thousands of holidaymakers start jetting off to foreign shores for their summer break, Phillipa Roberts, holiday legal specialist with Fentons Solicitors LLP, has echoed concerns that people could be taking serious risks on the four-wheeled machines.

Phillipa, a member of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL), said quad bikes are becoming an increasingly popular way for tourists to get around, particularly in Mediterranean destinations such as Spain and the Greek islands.

"As personal injury specialists, we hear all manner of horror stories involving holidaymakers either falling off or being knocked from quad bikes," she said. "Sometimes the machines are faulty, other times the rider has just not been prepared for the power of the bike.

"As the height of the summer season approaches, we see the number of incidents - some of them terribly serious - increase dramatically," said Phillipa.

Denise Kitchener, chief executive of APIL, says a lack of advice from foreign hire companies, as well as a laid back attitude toward health and safety, could mean people are taking serious risks.

"Hiring a quad bike may seem like great fun, but the power of a quad bike is similar to a car or motorbike. We are really concerned that some foreign companies are not giving people enough instruction on how to handle the bike, or aren't insisting that people wear safety helmets," she said.

Simple precautions should be taken if people intend to hire a quad bike abroad:

*When taking out holiday insurance, let the insurance company know you intend to hire a quad bike so that you are given the right kind of cover

*As with any ride-on vehicle, always wear a helmet whether on a road or terrain. Life may be more relaxed on holiday, but safety threats are just as real

*Ask the hire company questions, particularly about safety precautions and company credentials, for example, how long have they been in business? Ask your holiday rep if the company is a reputable operator

*Make sure you get clear guidance and instructions. If you are in any doubt, don't go ahead.

Source - APIL

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