Bank customer falls victim to mobility scooter

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Bank customer falls victim to mobility scooter

13th August 2010

A 32 year-old Chippenham man whose foot was injured when a mobility scooter ran over him in his local bank has made an appeal for anyone who witnessed the incident to come forward.

Russell Nixon of Allington Way, was standing in a cashiers queue at the NatWest bank in Chippenham High Street at around 12:30pm on 28 June 2010 when an elderly lady in a mobility scooter drove into a table, knocking it into him before running over his foot.

Whilst attempting to manoeuvre away from the tills the mobility scooter driver, who was accompanied by a carer, collided at speed with a table used by customers to write their cheques, causing it to topple into Mr Nixon. Daniel Denton, representing Mr Nixon said: "This was a large, heavy table, it needed the help of three other customers who rushed to steady it and prevent it from falling on top of my client. If it hadn't been there, she would have driven straight into him."

The lady and her mobility scooter had already driven into a wall inside the bank minutes earlier. "After knocking a table into my client," said Mr Denton, an expert in serious injuries claims, "she then proceeded to run over his right foot before leaving the bank."

Mr Nixon, who had a pre-existing back problem and used a medical walking-aid before the accident, was left in excruciating pain after having his foot run over. "Mobility scooters with their drivers are particularly heavy," said Mr Denton. "My client's foot, ankle and back were left in agony. He was still in considerable pain hours later, and attended Chippenham Hospital where doctors confirmed his right foot and ankle were badly bruised and swollen."

Mr Nixon has been unable to walk without crutches for several weeks as a result of his injuries. At the time of the accident he was the sole carer for his six year-old son and seventeen month-old daughter at home while his partner was in hospital.

Mr Denton said his client, whose back problem has been exacerbated ten-fold as a result of the accident was now hoping that anyone who was present in the bank at the time and witnessed the incident would please be kind enough to come forward and help him in his claim for compensation.

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If you remember seeing the incident in the NatWest on Chippenham High Street at around 12:30pm on Monday 28 June 2010, please contact Daniel Denton at Fentons Solicitors LLP on 0844 893 6775 or e-mail  

All information will be treated in the strictest confidence, and any detail could be hugely important to this case.