Bad weather no excuse for bad driving

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Bad weather no excuse for bad driving

30th November 2010

The return of the cold snap has brought chaos to UK roads, with heavy snow, black ice, a lack of grit and freezing temperatures all causing more misery for motorists.

But the poor driving conditions are no excuse for accidents caused by poor driving, according to one road traffic accident specialist. Rose Gibson, a partner with Fentons Solicitors LLP, said that even though the weather may contribute to the cause of an accident, anyone injured in an accident which was not their fault could still make a claim against the driver responsible.

"There is a common misconception that bad weather can be used as an excuse by drivers who cause accidents in which someone is injured," said Rose. "But the truth is the bad weather means that all drivers should be taking extra care when on the roads. If anyone has not adapted their driving to the conditions - for example by reducing their speed, or using their lights - and causes an accident, they can still be held to account by the injured party."

Although recent snowfalls have only affected parts of the country so far, forecasters expect further snow to fall this week, which will only add to the existing problems. Coupled with freezing conditions, road safety should be a top priority for all motorists.

"Drivers in many parts of the UK are being advised not to travel unless they have to, and staying off the roads is the best way to avoid being involved in an accident," said Rose. "But drivers who do venture out should remember that they should take extra care. Bad weather is no excuse for bad driving."

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