Appeal for witnesses after collision leaves BMX teen with brain injury

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Appeal for witnesses after collision leaves BMX teen with brain injury

26th February 2013

The family of a Hyde teenager left with a serious head injury after he was knocked from his BMX last August have appealed for witnesses to come forward.

Shane Cullen, 17, was injured when he was knocked from his bike in the early evening of Saturday, 11 August last year. Now his family has made an appeal for witnesses who can help lawyers try to piece together what happened in an attempt to help secure the future needs of the teenager.

“Shane had been riding his bike on his way to meet friends when he was hit by a car in Spring Gardens, near the Flowery Field pub in Hyde,” said Polly Herbert, a specialist serious injuries lawyer with Fentons Solicitors LLP. “We are now trying to gather any information that can help us paint a precise picture of the circumstances leading up to the incident. All we know for certain is that the injuries he sustained are very serious and will have a lasting effect on his life,” she said.

The driver who collided with Shane stopped at the scene, and police who investigated the incident determined there was no criminal prosecution to pursue. But Mrs Herbert, a partner with the firm, said that as Shane’s injuries would have a potentially huge impact on his future, further investigation is needed as to what happened that evening.

“The area may have been busy and we are not sure all the witnesses have spoken to the police,” she said. “We’re hoping anyone who saw what happened will get in touch and help us get the full picture of what happened as we try to secure Shane and his family the compensation that will help them move on from this ordeal.

“Shane is already displaying the symptoms of a traumatic brain injury, but the long-term effects of that injury can take a long time – sometimes years – to manifest,” she added. “The result is that although he wants to move on with his life and is continuing his studies, his long-term future has undoubtedly been affected by the injury.”

Mrs Herbert said Shane had already lost the job he had just started the weekend of the incident, as he remained in hospital receiving treatment for 12 days – five of which were spent in intensive care - and was unable to return to work immediately.

Following his discharge from hospital to the family home in Well Meadow, Shane has continued to suffer with problems with his memory and has also had an ongoing problem with his hearing, recently having a clot removed from his ear. He continues to attend regular appointments with various doctors and specialists for treatment and assessment.

Shane’s mum, Denise, said she hoped the appeal for witnesses would help in their fight for compensation so that Shane did not have to worry about the future impact his injuries might have.

“This has been a terrible few months for Shane and our family,” said Mrs Cullen, “and the worst part is that we still don’t know the full and lasting effect of his injuries. My son’s life has been changed forever by this incident. It is going to have a dramatic impact on his future one way or another, and all we want to do is make sure that as time goes on, Shane is financially secure.

“He still wants to carry on as if nothing has happened,” she said. “He would like to be able to go to college and continue his studies like any other 17-year-old, but he just can’t. He was planning on learning to drive soon too, but he can’t do that either because his head injury leaves him vulnerable to possible fits.

“He has no memory of anything after the collision, and his short-term memory is now very poor. He took a phone call for me whilst I was driving, but as soon as he’d hung up the phone he couldn’t remember what the person had said.

“Because of his injury Shane cannot remember the accident, and so it is important to him and us that any witnesses come forward to speak to Mrs Herbert so we can find out what happened to him.”

Can you help?
If you remember seeing the incident on Spring Gardens - near the Flowery Field in Hyde - at around 6.20pm on Saturday 11 August 2012, or if you have information which you think might help, please contact Polly Herbert at Fentons Solicitors LLP on 0161 238 6402. Alternatively please e-mail Even if someone has already spoken with the police, their information could be very helpful to Shane and his family’s case.