Appeal after collision leaves Bromsgrove teen with head injury

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Appeal after collision leaves Bromsgrove teen with head injury

14th May 2013

The family of a Bromsgrove teenager who was knocked down whilst crossing the road near his home just two weeks before his 16th birthday has appealed for witnesses to come forward.

Tom Jenkins was injured when he was hit by a car as he crossed Woodrow Lane in Catshill at around 6.30pm on Tuesday, 4 September last year. Now his family has made an appeal for any information which might help lawyers piece together what happened.

“The head injury Tom sustained means he has no memory of the incident itself, so we’re relying on witnesses to help us put together the full picture of exactly what happened,” said Polly Herbert, a specialist serious injuries lawyer with Fentons Solicitors LLP. “We know that Tom had been heading to the nearby One Stop shop on Woodrow Lane with a friend,” she said. “There was a car parked on double yellow lines at the point the pair usually crossed the road, and Tom’s friend said they moved out just far enough to be able to check the road was clear.

“He said they had only taken one step into the road when he heard a car from the right. Although he managed to step back and tried to pull Tom out of the way, unfortunately Tom had already been hit by the passing car. He was thrown up onto the bonnet, smashing the windscreen on the passenger side before falling back onto the road,” said Mrs Herbert.

The driver who collided with Tom stopped at the scene, and police who investigated the incident determined there was no criminal prosecution to pursue. But Mrs Herbert, a partner with the firm, said that as Tom’s injuries had left him with short-term memory problems which could potentially affect his future, further investigation is needed as to what happened that evening.

“This is a busy road with a lot of shops, and we know it was quite busy as several people came to Tom’s aid after the collision, many bringing towels and sheets to help stem the bleeding,” said Mrs Herbert. “We’re hoping anyone who saw what happened will get in touch and help us as we try to secure Tom and his family the compensation that will help them move on from this ordeal.

“Tom is already suffering from headaches and memory problems as a result of his injury, and we hope there is no long-term effect that has yet to manifest,” she added.

Tom’s mum Patricia said the last few months had been a nightmare. “Tom had just popped to the shop with his friend and the next thing I knew I got a phone call from somebody I didn’t know, telling me there’d been an accident,” she said. “It was only minutes away so I ran straight round and found Tom lying in the road, covered in blood and with a three-inch gash in the back of his head.”

Tom was taken to nearby Alexandra Hospital, where he received treatment for a head injury, concussion and fractures to his nose, brow and toe. Following his discharge from hospital to the family home in Woodrow Close, Tom has continued to suffer with problems with his memory and has also had frequent headaches.

Mrs Jenkins said she hoped the appeal for witnesses would help in their fight for compensation so that Tom did not have to worry about the future impact his injuries might have. “This has been a terrible few months for Tom and our family,” she said, “and the worst part is that we still don’t know the full and lasting effect of his injuries.

“Because he can’t remember the accident it is important to Tom and us that any witnesses come forward to speak to Mrs Herbert so we can find out exactly what happened.”

Can you help?
If you remember seeing the incident on Woodrow Lane - near the One Stop in Catshill - at around 6.30pm on Tuesday 4 September 2012, or if you have information which you think might help, please contact Polly Herbert at Fentons Solicitors LLP on 0161 238 6402. Alternatively please e-mail Even if someone has already spoken with the police, their information could be very helpful to Tom and his family’s case.

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