Accredited Injury Lawyers - Asbestos Disease Specialists

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Accredited Injury Lawyers - Asbestos Disease Specialists

11th June 2015

Slater & Gordon Lawyers including John Pickering and Partners , Fentons and Pannone have the most number of Accredited Injury Lawyers specialising in asbestos disease in the United Kingdom according to the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) website.

The website quotes, “Specialist accreditation shows that an APIL accredited asbestos disease lawyer has achieved a very high standard of expertise and competence and actually specialises in this area of the law.”  Bridget Collier, Kevin Johnson, Patrick Walsh, Edmund Young and Paul Glanville from Slater & Gordon have achieved this very unique and high standard of expertise.

Asbestos is a naturally occurring fibrous mineral that has been mined for hundreds of years.  Its unique properties – flexibility, tensile strength and chemical inertness – once gave it a reputation as one of the most useful and versatile minerals known to humanity.  As a result of these properties, the mineral was used for a number of human made products here in the United Kingdom as well as overseas.  Such products include Corrugated roofing sheets (often called Big Six), soffits, insulation around pipework (sections and cement), boilers, used for fireproofing and quilts, sprayed asbestos coatings, ceiling tiles, vinyl floor tiles, asbestos rope, asbestos partitions and Artex wall coverings.

Historically, those working in the following areas have been known to have been exposed to and diagnosed with an asbestos related condition:

Asbestos miners, plant & factory workers

Shipyard workers

Labourers, carpenters, roofers, welders, plumbers, electricians, plasterers, pipefitters, builders and insulators

Boilermakers and laggers

Sheet metal workers

Maintenance workers 

Mechanic/brake workers

Power plant and refinery workers

Teachers and students

Hospital workers

Aircraft mechanics & repairers

Household appliance Installers 

Electrical, industrial and engineers generally

Construction workers 

Railroad workers

Demolition & wrecking crews 

Masonry workers 

Steel mill workers

Furnace, smelter & pourer workers

However, more recently, office workers and home renovators (DIY) have also been exposed to asbestos.

Those who have been exposed to asbestos may develop conditions such as asbestos related lung cancer, mesothelioma, asbestosis, pleural plaques and pleura thickening.

Paul Glanville who is the National Practice Development Leader of the Slater & Gordon, Chest & Asbestos Disease Group and who was previously from the specialist asbestos litigation firm, John Pickering and Partners since 1994 said,

‘It is our aim to make sure that asbestos victims have access to the best possible legal advice from specialist lawyers. The creation of the APIL accredited asbestos disease specialist will help us to realise this goal.’