Accident warning  – parents urged to protect children from hidden kitchen dangers

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Accident warning – parents urged to protect children from hidden kitchen dangers

22nd June 2009

Parents are today being warned to be extra vigilant about where they store potentially harmful products which appear to have childproof caps.

On the first day of Child Safety Week, campaigning group APIL (Association of Personal Injury Lawyers) says most containers holding products classed as 'mild irritants,' such as dishwashing powder, are not childproof, as the law only requires the tops to be 'difficult' to open.

"Understandably, parents may assume there is no way their child could take the caps off any products under the kitchen sink and in the cupboards," says APIL chief executive, Denise Kitchener. "But while medicine bottles must have child-proof caps, the mild irritants kept under the kitchen sink such as dishwasher powder, which are still potentially harmful - do not. Being 'difficult' to open is no deterrent for an inquisitive three-year-old."

Denise said every year, around 26,000 children under five are taken to hospital with suspected poisoning.**

"It may sound like common sense, but parents should make sure all bottles and containers are out of sight and out of reach, even those which may seem harmless. Never assume all domestic products are childproof."

- Child Safety Week 2009 runs from 22-28 June. It is the Child Accident Prevention Trust's (CAPT) flagship community education campaign, and aims to raise awareness of the number of accidents that lead to serious injuries or deaths of children and young people, and how to prevent them.

- **Directgov

Source - APIL

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