Worker awarded damages after fall leaves him deaf in one ear

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Worker awarded damages after fall leaves him deaf in one ear

17th December 2010

A young man left deaf in one ear after falling from a roof while at work, has received £100,000 in compensation.

The marine safety engineer was left seriously inured after the fall in 2007. Martin James, a personal injury specialist with Fentons Solicitors LLP, said that on the day of the incident his client had been required to climb up a ladder and onto the roof of an area used for storage.

"There were no protective barriers on the roof, and our client fell from a height of several feet to the floor below," said Martin, a partner with the firm. "He suffered various injuries including to his back, neck and shoulder, and immediately began suffering headaches. On top of this, he completely lost the hearing in one ear."

Martin explained that his client also suffered damage to the xiphisternum, a part of the chest. "This causes a build-up of pressure in his chest which leads to pain and discomfort," said Martin. "This can be relieved by applying pressure, but as he now needs to do this on several occasions every day - particularly after any exercise - it has left my client unable to undertake any heavy manual labour."

Martin said the man's employer had failed to meet a number of safety requirements, including making any or adequate risk assessment, ensuring that the work on the roof of the storage area was properly planned, that he was appropriately supervised and that they failed to take suitable and sufficient measures or to provide equipment to prevent the fall.

"The extent of this young man's injuries means he can no longer continue working in his chosen profession," said Martin. "He is now reliant on a hearing aid and continues to suffer the after-effects of his injuries."

Following lengthy negotiations, Martin settled the claim on behalf of his client for £100,000.

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