Worker awarded compensation following back injury

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Worker awarded compensation following back injury

30th October 2009

A young man who suffered a severe back injury while at work has settled a claim against his employer for more than £35,000.

The 26-year-old suffered severe back pain within hours of lifting a heavy wheel and tyre during his work in October, 2004. A five-year legal battle followed, but Matthew Corby, the personal injury specialist who handled the case, successfully negotiated the settlement in November 2009.

"This was a complex case," said Matthew. "There was no accident book entry to prove the injury was sustained at work, and the defendant disputed liability from the outset.

"The job sheet - which would have detailed the vehicle that our client was working on at the time - was lost by the insurers," he said. "This document would probably have determined the size and weight of the wheel and tyre involved, which severely hampered our case.

"Our client did not work for three years following the accident, and a medical expert believes he will now only be suited to deskbound work in the future," he said.

Matthew negotiated a settlement of over £35,000 for his client.

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