Woman seriously injured in car crash receives £300,000 compensation

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Woman seriously injured in car crash receives £300,000 compensation

2nd May 2013

An elderly woman who suffered horrific internal injuries after her car was hit by a drunk driver, has received £300,000 in compensation.

The woman sustained such serious injuries that she had to have several pieces of damaged intestine and bowel removed, which has left her at serious risk of needing to be fed intravenously in the future.

Katie Pendower, a specialist serious injuries lawyer with Fentons, said that her client had been lucky to survive the incident. “She had been driving her car home after a day at work, and the defendant was driving in the opposite direction,” said Katie, a partner with the firm. “He had been drinking, and when his car clipped the kerb he veered straight into my client. The force of the impact sent her car careening off the road before it came to rest in some bushes.”

Katie said firefighters had to cut the woman from the wreckage before she was taken to hospital, where she remained for six weeks. “This woman had been driving along safely, but because of the reckless actions of the other driver she ended up suffering serious, life-threatening injuries,” she said. “As well as a fractured rib and broken bones in her leg and foot – which have left her with one leg almost an inch shorter than other – she has now been left with only 70cm of intestine.

“She was in a terribly serious condition for the first week after the accident, where she remained in intensive care, and then spent the next five weeks undergoing procedures to address her injuries.”

When she was finally discharged home, the woman – who lived on her own – had to have her bed moved downstairs and was immediately reliant on the care of family and friends as her injuries meant she had enormous difficulty with her mobility.

“She obviously could not climb stairs, but even walking on flat surfaces caused her massive pain to her stomach and her injured leg and foot,” said Katie. “She was unable to wash and dress without help, and depended on her family to make meals and ensure she was cared for.”

The driver was subsequently convicted of a driving offence, and Katie said that the defendant’s insurer admitted liability early on in the case.

“The accident had a huge impact on my client’s life,” said Katie. “Not only did her horrific injuries affect her physically, but the incident has also had a detrimental effect on her emotionally and mentally. She used to be a positive person, who would go out regularly and had hobbies and friends. She enjoyed going to work and she enjoyed travelling,” she said.

“But since the accident she has, perhaps understandably, become less positive and more pessimistic,” said Katie. “She rarely goes out because of the problems she has with her bowels, as she has to go the toilet numerous times a day - often with little warning.”

Following lengthy negotiations with the defendant’s insurers, Katie secured a settlement of £300,000 on behalf of her client.

“Although no amount of damages will make up for her loss of independence and the ordeal she has been through these last few years, I hope this compensation enables her to look to the future with the comfort of knowing she does not have to worry about her future care costs,” she said.

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