Woman injured in faulty footpath fall awarded £6,000

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Woman injured in faulty footpath fall awarded £6,000

31st July 2009

A holidaymaker left with a severely damaged knee after she tripped on a faulty footpath has been awarded £6,000 in damages.

The woman, in her mid-50s, was holidaying at a resort in the Dominican Republic when the incident occurred.

Nicola Simpson, a holiday accident specialist with Fentons Solicitors LLP, said the woman's knee suffered such damage in the fall that she would eventually require a knee replacement operation.

"She was returning from the beach, walking a long a pavement in the resort," said Nicola. "The footpath was made of concrete, and had cracked across its entire width. The damage hadn't been repaired, and chunks of concrete had become loose and fallen away.

"The fall was so bad that my client required surgery upon her return to the UK, and doctors have said that the likelihood is she will now require a knee replacement operation in the near future."

"Tour operators have a duty to ensure that holidaymakers' accommodation is safe and that they are not exposed to the risk of injury, disease, or infection," said Nicola. "The pain and suffering caused to our client was immense, and we were delighted to help her win the compensation to which she was entitled."

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