Woman hit by car awarded £95,000

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Woman hit by car awarded £95,000

16th June 2009

A Fentons client left with horrific injuries when she was hit by a car on a pedestrian crossing has been awarded £95,000 in compensation.

Our client was struck by the car whilst using the crossing in February 2006. She was taken to hospital where she remained for several weeks. She received treatment and underwent a number of operations for a catalogue of injuries including several broken bones and injuries to her head.

"The extent of the injuries was horrific," said Joanna Bailey, who represented the client. "The unusual factor in this case is that the CCTV footage showed that the driver took no evasive action. The road on each side of the crossing was divided into two lanes, but the driver - who was travelling in the outer lane - failed to move into the inside lane, even though there was no other vehicle there."

Following the incident, our client was unable to leave her home on her own for several months, and still suffers pain from her injuries.

On 16 June 2009, Joanna Bailey negotiated the £95,000 settlement with the defendant's insurance company.

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