Widow awarded more than £200,000 following fatal accident

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Widow awarded more than £200,000 following fatal accident

18th February 2011

A widow whose husband was killed in a road accident has been awarded more than £200,000 in a compensation settlement.

In January 2008, our client's husband was driving an articulated lorry on the M18 motorway, on his way to making a scheduled delivery to Scunthorpe.

The defendant driver - who was travelling in a Ford Ranger car - began to overtake the lorry, and claimed a "phantom" driver caused him to swerve his vehicle, steering directly into our client's husband.

The Ford Ranger struck the lorry in the fuel tank causing it to leave the motorway, travel down the nearside embankment and collide with motorway signage. Our client's husband was killed instantly.

Michael Durban, who represented the lorry-driver's widow, said that although the defendants admitted liability they had contested certain elements of the case, not least when they argued that the widow's husband was close to retirement age and so any loss of earnings would be minimal.

"I obtained a statement from the man's employer, which confirmed he was a model employee and in all likelihood would have been retained by the firm beyond the age of 65 and would have worked for them until the age of 67," said Michael.

"They also questioned the health of my client's husband, but having represented the family at the inquest I was able to point out that the Coroner stated there were no unusual health problems beyond what would be expected of someone of his age."

In September 2009, Michael successfully negotiated a settlement of £205,000 on behalf of the lorry driver's widow.

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