Warehouseman injured after slipping on ice

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Warehouseman injured after slipping on ice

11th August 2011

A Surrey man who was still unable to walk properly 18 months after injuring his foot when he slipped at work has received £64,500 in damages.

John Reeder, a personal injury specialist at Fentons Solicitors LLP said his client - who was working as a warehouseman for a food distribution company - landed awkwardly after slipping on a patch of ice.

The 49 year-old man required surgery and extensive physiotherapy after suffering an injury to his ankle and heel. In addition, he suffered what is known as an ‘osteochondral cyst’ which formed after the cartilage surrounding his ankle-bone was damaged and bruised.

“My client was working on an early morning shift in a warehouse cold area,” said John, a partner with the firm. “He was pulling a pallet truck through an aisle when he slipped on a patch of ice. The ice had formed after rainwater dripping from inside the roof had frozen on the concrete floor.”

After 18 months the man was still unable to walk more than a few hundred yards without feeling excruciating pain in his ankle and heel. Three years following his accident he continued to suffer shooting pains deep within his left heel and ankle whenever his foot touched the ground.

“More than four years after his accident, my client has finally won his fight for justice,” said John. “Unfortunately, it was some time before the defendant’s solicitors were willing to accept that my client’s injury had been caused as a result of his accident. However, he has now recovered damages which will cover the costs of an operation he needs, following which he should be able to return to work.”

John Reeder settled the claim on behalf of his client for the gross amount of £64,500 in June 2011.

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