Walker injured by horse in compensation victory

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Walker injured by horse in compensation victory

31st October 2012

A man who was knocked down by a horse whilst out walking his dogs has received compensation for his injuries in an out of court settlement.

Emily Kalwak, representing the injured man, said that the incident occurred as her client was walking his dog along a public footpath that runs through the field where the defendants keep their horses.

“He often walks through that field and was well aware there were horses in it,” said Emily, a specialist in occupiers’ liability cases with Fentons Solicitors LLP. “But on this particular occasion, as he made his way through the field one of the horses walked up behind him and charged at him, knocking him to the ground.

“He was in severe pain and understandably shocked, but managed to crawl under a fence to escape the horse.”

Emily said that the victim sustained a number of injuries in the incident, including a lower back injury, significant bruising to the buttock and thigh, loss of movement in his leg, a soft tissue injury of the left ankle and strains to the upper part of his body, including his neck.

“Although my client made a full recovery, it took a number of months,” said Emily. “Initially the owners of the horse disputed my client’s account of events, going so far as to accuse him of causing the injuries himself by falling to his knees as he waved his walking stick at the horse. But it is very difficult to see how all of those injuries could have been caused by a fall to his knees,” she said.

Emily pursued a claim for compensation on behalf of the victim, under the Animals Act 1971. “There is a section within the Act which relates to animals with abnormal characteristics,” said Emily. “If the horse was unusually aggressive or prone to run at people then under the Act the horse’s owners were liable for my client’s injuries. Clearly in this case there was evidence that this horse was unusual - most horses do not charge at people or butt them to the ground, in fact it is extremely rare for a horse to behave in this way,” she said.

Following protracted negotiations, Emily successfully settled the claim on behalf of her client for more than £6,000. “This was a very unusual incident, one which caused my client significant pain and suffering,” she said. “I’m pleased we were able to settle this without the need for trial, enabling him to concentrate fully on his recuperation.”

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