Victory at last for 'miracle' teen more than two years after horror accident

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Victory at last for 'miracle' teen more than two years after horror accident

9th October 2015

A teenager who was lucky to survive when he was hit by a car whilst crossing the road has received £750,000 compensation after a two-year legal battle.

The young man was so seriously injured in the incident that he spent weeks in a coma in intensive care. Despite his heart stopping on several occasions, the brave teen fought against the odds to make a recovery that even his doctors say was miraculous.

Now, following a legal battle against the insurer of the driver who knocked him over, the young man has finally received substantial compensation which will help him as he continues to recover from his injuries and begins the process of moving on with his life.

John Hutchings, of Fentons Solicitors, part of Slater & Gordon, said the young man had been out with a friend and was crossing the road when he was hit by the car.  “The catalogue of injuries he sustained included several breaks to his legs, including compound fractures and nerve damage; breaks to his arm and a fracture in his spine; internal injuries and a swelling of the brain,” said John,

“Throughout his amazing recovery, he underwent countless sessions of treatment and rehabilitation as he fought to walk again. But although his recovery has amazed everyone, the extent of his injuries means he was unable to return to work.”

John said that although the driver of the car faced no criminal charges after the incident, there was a very strong civil case against the insurer. John and his colleague Richard Crabtree took on the case in order to ensure the young man received sufficient compensation to fund the care and specialist treatment he will need in his future.

“This incident could and should have been avoided,” said John. “There were a number of witnesses who came forward to help us, and an accident reconstruction specialist put together a detailed report to show that my client should never have been so seriously injured. Despite this, the driver’s insurers refused to take responsibility and instead fought the claim tooth and nail.

“But my client was a real fighter too,” said John. “Just as he refused to ever give up during his long road to recovery, we also persevered with our fight for justice. “

John said that the substantial level of damages took into account the enormous impact that the incident will have on the young man’s future. “Make no mistake, my client would rather have not been injured at all,” he said. “But the fact is he has sustained a number of serious injuries that will require further treatment, care and rehabilitation for many years to come. He lost his job as a result, and his ability to earn a living has also been compromised.

“Now that this claim has been settled, I hope that he and his family are able to look to the future and begin the process of moving on with their lives.”

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