Victim of dog attack receives compensation

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Victim of dog attack receives compensation

27th January 2011

A teacher who was left traumatised following a vicious dog attack has received more than £17,000 in an out of court settlement. The woman, who was in her 20s at the time, was so affected by the incident that she is currently unable to return to her teaching job.

Kamini Gandhi, who represented the victim, described how her client had been walking her own dog near her home when the attack happened. "As she was walking her dog along their usual route one evening, a large and unleashed dog charged at her dog," said Kamini, a personal injury specialist with Fentons Solicitors LLP.

"My client picked up her dog as the larger animal - believed to be a Dogue De Bordeaux, sometimes known as a French Mastiff - attacked," said Kamini. "This type of dog is particularly strong and powerful, and my client was very scared as to what might happen after reading so many media reports about people being mauled by such animals."

Kamini said that the mastiff's owner rushed to the scene to try to wrestle the dog to the ground, but it broke free. "It attacked my client again, biting her arm," she said. "The owner dragged the dog to the ground once more, and shouted at my client to run away."

The young teacher was left with puncture wounds in her arm, but her physical wounds were minor compared to the psychological injury she suffered.

"Although the bite has left scarring on her arm, the main injury to my client was psychological trauma," said Kamini. "Following the attack, she was unable to return to her teaching job as she found it just too demanding, instead taking on a completely different job in a different field. It is hoped that as she continues her recovery over the coming months she will be able to return to her previous teaching role.

"Cases like this are difficult to win, as many dog owners are uninsured and dog attacks fall outside the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority scheme," she said.

"However in this case the dog owner was insured, and so we were able to pursue compensation for the injuries she sustained and her lost earnings."

In December 2010, Kamini negotiated a £17,000 settlement on behalf of her client.

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