Teenage passenger in crashed car receives nearly £45,000 damages

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Teenage passenger in crashed car receives nearly £45,000 damages

23rd May 2013

A passenger who suffered severe facial injuries in a terrifying road accident has received nearly £45,000 in an out of court settlement.

Susan Bennett, a specialist road accident lawyer at Fentons Solicitors LLP, said the college student had to be cut free from the back seat of the car when the driver lost control and spun into a ditch.

“My client suffered a severe blow to her face and has no memory of the accident itself,” said Susan. “Her only memory is of the immediate aftermath of the accident when she was trapped inside the vehicle unable to get out. She was extremely scared and had to be comforted by paramedics, one of whom very unusually decided to enter the vehicle to try to calm her down, despite the risk to his safety.”

After she was freed from the wreckage of the car, the young woman was taken by ambulance to hospital having suffered a head injury, severe injuries to her mouth and chin, a fractured right wrist and extensive bruising to her face, ribs and thighs.

Following brain scans and an operation to stitch together her lip and the cuts to her chin, the young woman’s wrist was placed in a cast and she was discharged three days later.

“Following her return home my client relied on her family for help with her personal care and over the next several weeks she suffered with flashbacks, nightmares and insomnia and found herself increasingly tearful, anxious and withdrawn.” said Susan. “My client was extremely upset over the appearance of her bruised and swollen face. Understandably for such a young woman, having such facial injuries seriously affected her confidence and meant she was unwilling to leave her house.”

When her cast was removed after six weeks the claimant underwent physiotherapy on her wrist. But as it was still too painful to use a keyboard she was forced to miss and postpone some exams she was due to have taken at college. In addition, she was unable to attend her part-time job as a catering assistant and suffered a loss of earnings as a result.

“Although her wrist recovered relatively well, the mental and emotional impact of the accident unfortunately lasted considerably longer,” said Susan. “It took her many months to regain her confidence enough to drive or even be driven by friends as a passenger and she continues to be very nervous about car travel today.

“My client’s psychological symptoms have now greatly improved, however she has been left with a prominent scar on her chin,” added Susan. “Although she does well to conceal her scars with specialised make up, she remains upset and extremely self-conscious about her appearance.”

After liability was admitted, Susan settled the claim on behalf of her client for £44,450.00 in April 2013.

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