Substantial damages win for woman after holiday resort injury

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Substantial damages win for woman after holiday resort injury

19th October 2009

A woman has been awarded more than £40,000 in damages after a badly-designed car park caused her to fall, severely injuring her arm.

The holidaymaker, who was staying at a hotel in San Parc, Menorca when the accident happened, is still suffering pain from her injuries more than six years after the incident.

"This was a particularly nasty injury," said Nicola Simpson, a holiday claims specialist with Fentons Solicitors LLP. "The car park was in an area of woodland, and trees had been cut down to create the parking area. As my client was exiting her car she tripped over a tree stump which had been left sticking out of the ground, landing on her elbow and causing massive internal damage."

Nicola said the client, who was in her late 40s at the time, had since undergone a number of operations to try to correct the damage to various bones and ligaments.

"There is still concern she may require an elbow replacement operation, the damage was so severe," she said. "Thankfully that has so far been unnecessary, and following her most recent operations my client has returned to work - although she still suffers pain and discomfort."

Due to the serious nature of the injury and the subsequent time off work, Nicola settled the claim for £42,500.

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