Spinal injury victim receives £250,000 award

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Spinal injury victim receives £250,000 award

15th October 2008

Rutherford V Glenhurst (N.E.) Limited 2008

Mr Rutherford was working as a roofer on a one floor extension to a private residence. The walls to the extension had been completed and Mr Rutherford was not provided with any scaffolding to assist him on the roof, he was just given just a trestle. As a result he had to clamber up onto the roof, and whilst in position, his feet started to slip and he plunged from the roof onto the floor below.

Mr Rutherford required complex spinal surgery which was only partly successful, and to his great credit has managed to have just 3 months off work. His ongoing symptoms of worsening pain in his left leg and back restrict his ability to work and enjoy his leisure activities. He continues to struggle doing what work he is physically able to do to ensure he provides for his young family. A significant portion of his damages are to provide for the lost capacity to work and earn as he would have expected to do. Settlement was achieved through negotiations just as the Trial was due to commence.

Martin James, an associate at Fentons Solicitors LLP, acted for the claimant.

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