Son awarded £100,000 damages after father killed in accident

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Son awarded £100,000 damages after father killed in accident

4th August 2009

A young Fentons client has been awarded £100,000 in compensation following the tragic death of his father in a car accident.

On 13 August 2005, our client's father was a passenger in a vehicle being driven by another man. The driver lost control of the vehicle at high speed and collided with another vehicle. He had been travelling at a speed significantly in excess of the legal limit, and he had carried out a dangerous overtaking manoeuvre in the moments before the collision. The high speed and impact led to the deaths of both men.

The boy's father, a hard-working young man, left behind his son and the claim related to the loss of financial support and care which the boy has suffered. The man's employer at the time of this tragedy spoke highly of his ability and keenness to work hard and progress in his chosen trade.

The young boy subsequently went to live with his grandmother, who has provided and will continue to provide all of the support for him.

Acting on behalf of the boy, Fentons Solicitors' Martin James negotiated a settlement of £100,000, which was approved on 4 August 2009. The amount of damages awarded took into account the love and affection the boy would have received from his father, together with moral and educational guidance.

A County Court ordered that a percentage of the damages be paid to the young boy's grandmother at this stage to assist with his upbringing.

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