Severe foot injury results in £58,000 compensation

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Severe foot injury results in £58,000 compensation

26th January 2010

A woman whose foot was severely injured when a radiator fell from the wall of her rented London home has been awarded £58,000 in damages.

Karen Beck, a personal injury specialist with Fentons Solicitors LLP, represented the injured woman. "The injury occurred when a large double radiator in the living room of the property fell from the wall and landed directly on the client's left foot," said Karen.

"An ambulance was called and my client was taken to St Charles' Hospital, where she was x-rayed and received treatment," she said. "She was given crutches and referred to the fracture clinic at St Mary's Hospital."

Further x-rays revealed a Lisfranc injury - a fracture and dislocation of the joints in the mid-foot, where a cluster of small bones forms an arch on top of the foot between the ankle and the toes. "My client had an operation to fix the damaged joints in her foot, which then remained in plaster for three months," said Karen. "She later had the screws and plaster removed, but her foot remained swollen, discoloured and very painful."

The client was referred to a private orthotic centre in Bournemouth, where it was recommended she be fitted with bespoke orthotic shoes which have significantly improved her ability to walk.

"Although the shoes have helped her greatly, she still suffers from pain and swelling," said Karen. "She has scars from where the radiator hit her and also from where surgical screws were inserted."

Fentons brought a claim for compensation against the owner of the property - the client's landlord - as the radiator in question had been defectively or improperly secured to the wall of the living room. "A similar incident had previously occurred at a neighbouring property, of which the defendant was aware," said Karen.

"Now that this case is resolved, our client can dedicate her time to recovering from her injury."

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