Settlement win for passenger injured in head-on collision

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Settlement win for passenger injured in head-on collision

24th February 2012

A car passenger who suffered a catalogue of injuries when the car his friend was driving was involved in a head-on collision has been awarded £139,500 in an out of court settlement.

Michael Latner, a serious injuries expert at Fentons Solicitors LLP, said his client, a salesman in his twenties, was travelling as a back seat passenger in a car when the driver lost control in heavy rain, slid into the wrong side of the road and collided head-on with an oncoming vehicle.

“Unfortunately my client wasn’t wearing his seatbelt at the time,” said Michael, a partner with the firm. “When he found himself covered in blood and unable to see immediately after the incident, he first thought he had gone blind and was about to die. He said he remembers the excruciating pain as the ‘worst pain he’d ever felt in his life.’”

The Essex man was taken by ambulance to hospital, having suffered a fractured skull, multiple fractures to his jaw, a broken nose and sinuses, and soft-tissue injuries to his neck, back and left foot.

After five days and following surgery to have wires inserted into his broken jaw, the man was discharged and sent home. Unable even to open his mouth for the next five weeks, the man was cared for by his family who assisted him with his washing, dressing, and preparation of a liquid diet. Over the next six months he had bands fitted around his teeth to hold his jaw in place and he was unable to eat any solid foods.

“Following his discharge, my client started developing frequent severe headaches on the left side of his head,” said Michael. “His head was constantly thumping and he struggled to sleep on his left side as a result. In addition, he suffered ongoing pain in his neck, back and left foot and he started having nightmares almost daily as well as post-traumatic stress type symptoms such as flashbacks, heightened anxiety and an inability to concentrate for any length of time.

“Six months after he was injured my client started work as a trainee quantity surveyor,” added Michael. “This is a job he had been interested for some time, however due to the problems with his concentration he was sadly forced to end his contract prematurely. It is hoped the settlement he has now received will help as he explores alternative career options and looks to the future.”

Michael Latnersettled the claim on behalf of his client in January 2012 for £139,500 after the defendant accepted 85% liability, with 15% contributory negligence being attributed to the client for not wearing his seatbelt.

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