Settlement victory for severely injured car passenger

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Settlement victory for severely injured car passenger

18th November 2011

A North London man who suffered multiple severe injuries when the car he was a passenger in struck a line of parked vehicles has received £248,000 in compensation in an out of court settlement.

Anya Rupal, a serious injuries expert at Fentons Solicitors LLP, said her client, a 48-year-old former hod-carrier, was a front seat passenger when the driver lost control and collided with a number of stationary cars.

“My client suffered a head injury which knocked him unconscious,” said Anya, a solicitor with the firm. “He experienced post-traumatic and pre-traumatic amnesia and cannot remember anything about the incident itself. Paramedics who resuscitated him at the scene had to insert chest drains to alleviate swelling to the lining of his lungs - both of which had totally collapsed - to enable him to breathe.

“He was taken by air ambulance to the Royal London Hospital with seven right and left rib fractures as well as a flail chest - a life-threatening condition commonly seen in cases of significant blunt trauma where a segment of the rib cage breaks under extreme stress and becomes detached from the chest wall,” added Anya.

In addition, the unmarried father-of-two suffered fractures and significant soft tissue injuries to his spine, severe chest wall trauma with fractured vertebrae, lacerations to his liver and trauma and haemorrhaging around the lining of his heart. He remained in hospital for almost three weeks and underwent a number of emergency operations including a thoracotomy which led to a series of persistent chest infections.

After leaving hospital, the man - who required considerable care and assistance with everyday tasks- moved in permanently with his daughter so that she could look after him. Over the following 10 months he continued to suffer considerable pain and discomfort in his chest and lower back and had numerous consultations with his GP and doctors to address his injuries and ongoing pain.

“In light of the sheer extent of significant internal injuries my client sustained, he was incredibly lucky not to have been killed,” said Anya.“He continues to suffer shooting pains across his chest as well as constant severe lower back pain which is exacerbated by any kind of spinal movement including lifting, pulling, carrying or pushing even lightweight objects. Furthermore, he is unable to sleep comfortably and he suffers from an intermittent irregular racing heart as well as shortness of breath after climbing stairs or walking for any distance.

“My client has lost his former livelihood and is now permanently unable to perform any kind of physically arduous work,” added Anya. “His options in regard to more sedentary employment are similarly limited as he is unable to remain seated for any length of time. As he continues to receive treatment for his pain and will require various and repeated spinal treatments over the course of his life, it is hoped the settlement he has now received will help as he adjusts to his radically altered life and looks to the future.” 

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