Scaffolder injured at work secures £150,000 compensation

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Scaffolder injured at work secures £150,000 compensation

5th February 2010

A scaffolder who was badly injured when he was hit by falling debris on a building site has received £150,000 in compensation.

The 42-year-old had been working on a seven-storey high building which had holes through every floor to allow workers to dispose of rubbish.

Jonathan Sewell, a work accident specialist with Fentons Solicitors, represented the scaffolder. "In the course of his usual working day, my client was standing on a gantry on the first floor," said Jonathan, an Associate with the firm. "Without any warning, a large metal square comprising four pieces of metal welded together fell from the roof.

"The metal fell through six floors before landing on a pile of debris on the first floor," he said. "But instead of coming to rest, it then rolled a significant distance to the gantry, striking my client on his left leg."

"My client's injuries included two horrific fractures to his leg, coupled with deep vein thrombosis and general anxiety resulting from the incident," said Jonathan. "The Defendant - the main contractor on the site - admitted liability and proceedings did not need to be issued, sparing our client a lengthy legal battle."

The claim was settled for £150,000.

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