Runaway Argos tricycle

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Runaway Argos tricycle

4th November 2008

Fentons Solicitors have been instructed on a case involving a young child who was injured as a result of a faulty design mechanism in the handle of a tricycle.

The pin that held the handle together was too short to keep the handlebars in place. As the child was using the tricycle the handlebars completely came away. Without any way to control the tricycle it hurtled down the garden path and crashed into concrete steps causing a nasty injury to his head.

The tricycle is made in China and imported by Argos. The parents bought it for their child from the Huddersfield store.

After investigations into liability Argos have accepted that the problem was their fault and have conceded liability.

Solicitor Daniel Lee who specialises in defective product claims commented: "It is surprising that such a well known household name can supply products to children in such an obviously defective state. Any sort of basic testing procedure should have revealed the problem. It really was an accident waiting to happen and there will be other parents who are inadvertently letting their children play on similar tricycles”.

Anyone with a similar claim should contact Daniel Lee at Fentons Solicitors on T: 0161 886 1082.