Preston man compensated for vibration white finger

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Preston man compensated for vibration white finger

13th March 2008

Mr Pugh from Preston is a flagger by trade and had always enjoyed outdoor work maintaining road surfaces with various companies. He'd work in small teams using all sorts of vibrating tools such as jack hammer, vibroplates, stihl saws to cut flags, dig up existing roads, kerbing and flagging.

Mr Pugh instructed Fentons that he'd always worked hard to bring in an income and had taken a pride in his work both for the effort put in and the resulting completed job.

He was worried when his current employer sent him for tests on his fingers. He'd previously noticed that initially several fingers would go white and feel numb and that this had developed to all his fingers on both hands, but there was never a time where he did not want to use a vibrating tool because it would hurt, but he just wanted to get on with his job to bring in an income.

With tests, vibration white finger was diagnosed at a significant level and he was told to avoid using vibrating tools in the future. Mr Pugh's employer was able to accommodate the restriction on his work activities.

Fentons Solicitors LLP pursued litigation on Mr Pugh's behalf, and traced employers who had exposed him to unsafe working practised in the past. We had to trace back which employers had exposed him to which tools and luckily we able to pursue a claim and achieve a settlement with the two main employers.

Bridget Collier who succeeded in obtaining compensation says.

"Compensation here is at least some peace of mind over the worry that once an employer has caused the condition you may then loose job security. It is to his employer's credit, but there are still concerns regarding his future prospects in the workplace. Compensation will allow Mr Pugh some security should he suffer reduced loss of earning".

If you notice fingers going white and numb whilst using tools at work you should seek advice from a solicitor. We can provide information and legal advice as to whether you have a claim. The initial contact will not mean that your employers will find out.

Bridget Collier an Associate at Fentons Solicitors acted for the claimant.

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