Permanently injured care-worker wins settlement

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Permanently injured care-worker wins settlement

6th October 2011

A former care home worker who lost her job after permanently injuring her back has received more than £280,000 in an out of court settlement.

Michael Latner, a serious injuries expert at Fentons Solicitors, said the Surrey woman, who is in her 50s, has been told there is a significant chance she may never recover from her injuries.

“My client was visiting her sister in South London when her right foot got caught in a pothole as she was making her way to her parked car,” said Michael, an Associate with the firm. “She ended up twisting her ankle and falling heavily onto her back.”

For the first few days following her fall, the married mother-of-three took painkillers to alleviate her back pain, believing her injury was minor and that her back was merely bruised and the pain would only last for a short period.

“By the following weekend, my client was in constant pain and she was sent home from work,” said Michael. “When she woke the next day, she was in absolute agony and couldn’t physically move without feeling severe pain in her lower back.”

After seeing her GP, the woman was initially signed off work for two weeks and referred to a physiotherapist. But when her doctor was unable to say when her injuries would heal she was then signed off for a longer period. After eight months away from her job and following a meeting with her employers in which she was unable to tell them when she would be ready to return to her work, she was dismissed.

“My client was truly heartbroken when she lost her job,” said Michael. “This was a job she dearly loved and one she had devoted 16 years of her life to, caring for the needs of the elderly care home residents she was charged with. She has not been able to work since her accident and has unsurprisingly struggled with her bills as a result. To make matters worse, her husband was forced to give up his own job for six months in order to provide her with the care and assistance she now needs herself.

“The injuries she suffered have had a hugely significant impact upon her life,” added Michael. “For someone who was previously extremely independent - to all of a sudden have to rely on her husband, physically, emotionally and financially - the resulting strain on her happiness, her family and her sense of self-worth cannot be underestimated.

“My client remains on painkillers and continues to have problems with her sleeping,” said Michael. “Her entire life has been turned upside down and she now rarely leaves her home. I am pleased that after more than four years she has finally won her fight for justice, and I very much hope the settlement she has received will help her and her family as she now looks to the future.”

Michael settled the claim on behalf of his client for £282,500 in September 2011.

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