Pensioner receives damages following wife’s fatal holiday fall

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Pensioner receives damages following wife’s fatal holiday fall

13th November 2012

A hotel has paid £23,000 in compensation after a woman fell to her death down a flight of stairs on the premises whilst on holiday with her husband.

Katherine Allen, head of the Travel and International Litigation department at Fentons Solicitors LLP, acting on behalf of the deceased woman and her estate, said the couple, who were both in their 60s at the time, had just arrived at their hotel in Newcastle and were on their way downstairs for something to eat when the incident occurred more than three years ago.

“When my client’s wife stepped through a doorway onto a staircase landing, she tripped and fell down a steep flight of stairs and struck her head against a wall on the landing below,” said Katherine, a partner at the firm. “My client believed that his wife tripped because of the way the stairs were arranged.

“She suffered a fractured skull and was taken unconscious by ambulance to hospital where she underwent an operation to have a blood clot removed from her brain,” added Katherine. “Tragically, she remained comatose and on a ventilator for the next 13 days until doctors advised that there was nothing more they could do for her and her life support was switched off.

“This was a horribly tragic accident which has robbed my client and his family of a loving wife and mother,” said Katherine. “Understandably, they have been left utterly devastated as a result and although no amount of money can possibly compensate for their loss we were pleased we could at least secure damages for the pain and suffering my client’s wife suffered prior to her death as well as for her funeral and memorial expenses.”

Katherine settled the claim on behalf of her client for £23,000 in July 2012.

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