Pensioner receives damages after being struck by car

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Pensioner receives damages after being struck by car

22nd August 2011

An elderly Watford woman, who was injured when she was struck by a car outside her local supermarket, has been awarded £26,500 in damages in an out of court settlement.

The married pensioner was crossing empty disabled parking bays in the car park of her local supermarket when a car suddenly appeared from around a corner and entered the bays, knocking her to the ground.

Tanya Alleyne, a road traffic collisions expert at Fentons Solicitors LLP said her client landed heavily on her right arm. “Fortunately there were several shoppers and staff who saw my client lying in the car park and quickly came to her assistance,” she said. “She was in shock and a great deal of pain, and one of the people helping called for an ambulance.”

The woman, who is in her 80’s, was taken to hospital where she received treatment for fractures to her right arm, nerve damage to her right hand and bruising to her body. “My client had an operation to insert metal pins and plates into her injured arm,” said Tanya, a litigation executive at the firm. “She remained in hospital for four days before she was sent home into the care of her husband who had visited her every day she was in the hospital.

“The injuries my client suffered meant her mobility was significantly affected and she was in considerable pain when she returned home,” said Tanya. “For the first few months, she relied entirely on her husband to assist her with washing, dressing and helping her up and down the stairs to the bathroom.

“It has now been almost three years since my client was injured,” added Tanya. ”Despite the defendant denying liability and disputing my client’s version of events concerning the incident, I am pleased she has finally won her fight for justice. Although she is considerably more mobile then she was following her discharge from hospital, my client still requires the use of a walking stick as well as continued support and assistance from her husband with her personal care.”

Tanya settled the claim on behalf of her client for £26,500 in July 2011.

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