Pedestrian with brain injury secures damages

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Pedestrian with brain injury secures damages

6th July 2015

A pedestrian, who sustained a serious brain injury when she was knocked several feet into the air by a car, has received more than £100,000 in compensation in an out of court settlement.

Mark Luxton, a serious injuries expert at Fentons Solicitors LLP, said his client was struck by a car being driven in the bus lane of a busy London road as it undertook a line of stationary vehicles waiting to turn right.

“The force of the impact threw my client several feet and left her lying unconscious, covered in blood and with her head lying in the gutter,” said Mark, a solicitor with the firm. “Both the bumper and bonnet of the defendant’s car were damaged while the windscreen, which had caved in, was left with a massive bulls-eye pattern in the smashed glass.”

The victim, in her 20’s, suffered a severe traumatic brain injury with haemorrhaging around her left frontal lobe. She was taken by ambulance to hospital and transferred after a week to another hospital where she remained for a month. She was then admitted to a rehabilitation centre from where she discharged herself after only for a few days.

“My client has no memory of the incident, nor can she remember anything from the hour leading up to it,” said Mark. “She next remembers waking up in hospital around a month later feeling understandably confused, frustrated and upset.

“After discharging herself from the rehabilitation centre, she received extensive help from her family before she moved back into her house and returned to work,” added Mark.

Following her return to work, the victim’s mental state remained extremely fragile. Suffering with psychiatric problems and unaware as to how serious her condition was at the time, she struggled to control her moods and emotions, she found it difficult looking after herself, and she would frequently become angry, paranoid and exhausted.

“Although her confidence has now returned, my client still experiences significant problems with her memory,” said Mark. “A year after she suffered her brain injury she became a mother and it is hoped the settlement she has now received will help as she continues with this new chapter in her life.”

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