Pedestrian recovers substantial award

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Pedestrian recovers substantial award

15th November 2010

A Good Samaritan who sustained severe injuries - including the loss of four toes - after being run over by an articulated lorry, has received £1m in damages.

The 41 year-old man, whose career was ended as a result of his injuries, had pulled over to assist a fellow motorist who was blocking traffic after breaking down. Whilst helping to push the broken down vehicle off the road, an articulated lorry attempted to drive through a gap behind the claimant, but instead drove over the man's right foot.

Michael Latner, a personal injury specialist at Fentons Solicitors LLP, said: "My client suffered severe injuries as a result of this manoeuvre including the de-gloving of the tissues on and around his right foot. Essentially, a tyre rubbed and split all the skin off my client's foot including his heel. In addition his ankle was fractured and he received extensive injuries to his toes and left hand."

The man was taken by ambulance to hospital where he remained for ten weeks receiving numerous operations to his right foot including subsequent amputations to four toes.

At trial, the Judge accepted the incident was caused by the lorry driver attempting to drive through a gap rather than waiting. Judgement was awarded in the claimant's favour with a 20% reduction for contributory negligence.

"In return for helping a fellow motorist, my client received injuries of such severity that he ended up losing his career," said Michael. "If the defendant had simply exercised patience and waited until it was safe to proceed, my client would still be enjoying an extremely successful career he loved and an active life filled with sport.

"As a consequence, my client now struggles with constant pain and infections to his injured foot and lives a life of extremely limited mobility. Although no amount of money can ever compensate what this accident has taken from my client, the sum awarded will hopefully allow him to accommodate any necessary changes to his lifestyle."

In November 2010, Michael Latner successfully negotiated a settlement of £1m on behalf of his client. On a full liability basis, the claim would have settled for £1.25million.

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