Pedestrian hit by car wins compensation

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Pedestrian hit by car wins compensation

24th May 2010

A man who sustained serious injuries when he was hit by a car has settled his compensation claim for £174,000.

Suzanne Whitehouse, a road collision injury specialist with Fentons Solicitors LLP, said her client had been lucky to survive the injuries he sustained when he was knocked over while crossing a road near his home in October 2006.

"He doesn't remember the incident itself," she said. "Police estimate the driver was travelling at the 50mph speed limit at least, and they believe the car hit my client and carried him with the vehicle until it came to a stop - throwing him into the undergrowth at the side of the road."

The driver stopped and called an ambulance to help the victim, who is in his early 40s. "We have been told that had there been any delay in his receiving treatment, then due to the amount of blood he was losing he probably would not have survived," said Suzanne.

"The last thing he remembers is being 200 yards from where the car struck him. He does not recall walking along the road any further, and the next thing he remembers is being on his back looking at the white ceiling of the hospital."

Suzanne said a team of more than 15 doctors and nurses worked to save her client. "They were very worried that he was losing blood so quickly," she said. "He received approximately eight pints of blood, and more had to be requested as the hospital supply was running out. Doctors rated his chance of survival at about 10 per cent."

The medical team spent hours trying to stop the bleeding and rebuild the man's pelvis, which was broken in two places. Holes were drilled either side of his lower abdomen in order to insert metal bars to hold his pelvis together.

"The pelvis is the biggest bone in the body and supports the weight of a person," said Suzanne. "My client's pelvis was snapped so badly that he was left with a weak, fractured bone which would not have been strong enough to support him. That is why it was put back together with titanium pins, which have to stay in permanently."

In addition to the fractures to the pelvis, he sustained a catalogue of injuries including damage to one of his kidneys, a haematoma and damage to the leg, detached skin from under the chest to his waist, drag marks on the back of his leg, around the hip area and on his bottom. His foot also became very swollen and the nerve endings in the foot have been damaged.

"My client still requires pain medication and has had to work incredibly hard to be able to walk again," said Suzanne. "It has taken more than three years to secure the compensation to which he was entitled, and while no amount of money can make up for the pain and suffering he has endured, he now has the financial support which will enable him to get on with his life."

Suzanne successfully negotiated a gross settlement of £174,000 on behalf of her client.

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