Over 500 people suffer skin complaints from defective sofa

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Over 500 people suffer skin complaints from defective sofa

21st February 2008

Towards the end of 2007 it was discovered that several sofa's sold by major high street retailers were potentially causing severe skin allergy reactions.

The leather sofas in question were sold by Argos, Land of Leather, and Walmsey from 2006 onwards. The common factor is that all the affected sofas were manufactured by the same Chinese based company. Argos have subsequently withdrawn their 'Pia' and 'Bari' ranges however the full extent of the problem cannot be confirmed. At present there are some 500 people known to have been affected.

The potential allergic reactions first came to widespread knowledge following the News of the world article on September 9th 2007. This issue has again received attention following the report by BBC's Watchdog program on 18th February 2008.

Often symptoms do not appear for several weeks and the victims are at a loss to explain what could have caused them. Symptoms include itchy, blistered skin and often the victims are in such extreme discomfort as to warrant hospital treatment. A common issue is that often the people suffering the skin problems have not had the cause of their problem successfully identified until seeking specialist help from a dermatologist.

How can Fentons help?

The companies may be happy to replace your sofa if it is affected, but you will need specialist legal help if you want to claim compensation. Fentons have an experienced Defective Product department. Our Solicitors have many years of experience in dealing with this difficult area.