Nightshift worker receives damages after permanently injuring his hand

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Nightshift worker receives damages after permanently injuring his hand

22nd November 2012

A man in his 20s who suffered permanent crush injuries to his right hand in an accident at work has received £30,000 in an out of court settlement.

Larry Shaw, a workplace accident specialist at Fentons Solicitors LLP, said the father-of-one damaged the tendons in his hand when the incident occurred last year.

“My client was working a nightshift as a groundworker in extremely poor light when he was asked by his site manager to help a colleague move a three metre long tramline,” said Larry. “Seeing as each tramline weighed up to 150 kilos, my client was surprised by the request as such jobs should have been carried out by mechanical lifting equipment.

“As he and his colleague attempted to move the tramline, my client lost his footing on the uneven ground and fell, causing the tramline to drop and crush his right hand,” explained Larry, a legal executive with the firm. “He was taken to hospital having suffered three broken fingers, his hand was dressed and he was asked to return the next day for surgery. Following an operation to set the broken bones in his hand, he was discharged with his wrist in a sling into the care of his parents.”

For the first several weeks, the claimant needed help at home with his personal needs as well as with showering and getting dressed each day. When he returned to work on a part-time basis nearly four months later, he noticed his hand was often painful by the end of each working week and he lacked grip strength as well as power in his right arm.

“My client has been told that although further surgery on his hand is possible the outcome of any such procedure is uncertain and runs the risk of damaging his hand even further,” said Larry. “For this reason, he decided against undergoing surgery and although he states that the pain around his tendons isn’t such a huge problem, he remains concerned about the lack of dexterity and movement in what is his dominant hand.

“In addition, he has lost sensation in three of his fingertips and he is unable to bend his index fingertip or touch it to the palm of his hand,” added Larry. “Although he has now returned to full-time work, his injured hand becomes very painful in cold weather and he has been taking nerve damage medication to combat the severe pins and needles he often suffers at night which prevent him from sleeping.”

Larry said his client can no longer take part in any of the sports he used to enjoy such as boxing, fishing and playing golf and his doctors have told him that his hand has unfortunately healed as much as it is ever likely to. “My client currently struggles with any kind of DIY tasks requiring dexterity in his fingers,” he said. “However, he is now trying to build up the strength he has lost in his right hand and arm and he very much hopes that with the aid of physiotherapy, his injury may recover further.”

After liability was admitted, Larry settled the claim on behalf of his client for £30,000 in October 2012.

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