£200,000 compensation for motorist after red light crossing collision

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£200,000 compensation for motorist after red light crossing collision

30th November -0001

A man who was left seriously injured when a car ignored a red light and ploughed into his vehicle has received £200,000 in compensation.

The motorist, who was in his 30s at the time, was driving home with two family members – one only 8 years old - in the car. As he approached a crossroads the traffic lights were green in his favour, but as he continued forward another car ignored a red traffic signal and effectively ‘t-boned’ the side of his vehicle.

Suzanne Whitehouse, a serious injury specialist with Fentons Solicitors LLP, said her client suffered serious injuries to his neck and back in the incident. “The other motorist was driving a large seven-seater vehicle, which had a ‘bull bar’-type safety grille at the front, which effectively crushed the driver’s side of my client’s car,” she said. “Luckily a paramedic was driving an ambulance nearby, and after hearing the enormous bang of the impact, headed straight to the scene and called other emergency services.

“My client remembers being in enormous pain as he was removed from the wreckage and taken to hospital. He didn’t know what was happening and could not feel his legs, back, chest, neck and face. He was struggling to breathe, and when he was put on a spinal board in the ambulance, he feared that he may have been paralysed.”

Suzanne said that despite the other driver being charged with motoring offences, it still took four months before the defendant’s insurers would admit liability for the incident.

“My client’s car spun 180 degrees, causing him to sustain a variety of injuries to his head, neck, ribs, arms, legs and back,” said Suzanne. “The injuries led to constant pain, and it was soon apparent that he would require extensive physiotherapy and rehabilitation to aid his recovery.

“He also became very indecisive, prone to panicking, increasingly restless and began to suffer depression,” said Suzanne. “The enormity of the ordeal he had been through meant that following a prolonged absence as part of his recovery, he could only return to work part-time.”

Suzanne said that before the accident, her client had been offered a job which would have led to a substantial increase in his salary, together with other additional benefits. “But the accident left him unable to take up that opportunity,” she said, “and instead he actually saw his wages fall as his hours were reduced.”

Suzanne said that the defendants then mounted a remorseless attack on her client’s character, trying to use surveillance footage and gather evidence to disprove the extent of the injuries he sustained and the effect they had on his ability to work.

“They tried to use this to minimise the damages, and offered to settle the claim for just over £65,000,” said Suzanne. “Considering the injuries and ordeal my client had been through and the impact on his working life, that was derisory.”

Suzanne said the offer did not include any funds to pay the rehabilitation costs her client had accrued as part of his recovery, nor did it fully compensate his lost earnings and the impact on his future earnings.

Following lengthy negotiations, Suzanne settled the claim on her client’s behalf for £200,000 - more than three times the amount the insurers had initially offered.

“This has been a lengthy process for my client,” said Suzanne, “one not helped by the defendant’s insistence on trying to get away with paying out as little as they could. But ultimately we are pleased to have secured him a level of damages which accurately reflects the severity of his injuries, and I hope he can now use this compensation to help him plan for his future and move on with his life.”

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