Motorcyclist receives £295,000 in damages following collision with car

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Motorcyclist receives £295,000 in damages following collision with car

20th February 2012

A motorcyclist, who suffered serious leg injuries in a head-on collision more than four years ago, has received £295,000 in compensation in an out of court settlement.

Anya Rupal, a serious injuries expert at Fentons Solicitors said her client, a refuse collector in his 30s, was riding his motorbike, returning home from visiting a friend, when a car suddenly turned right and cut across his path, giving him no time to avoid a collision.

“My client was struck at speed by the front near side wing of the oncoming car and thrown several feet up into the air and across the car’s bonnet,” said Anya, a solicitor with the firm. “After landing heavily in the road, he immediately felt severe pain throughout the bottom left side of his body.”

The Wandsworth man was taken by ambulance to hospital, having suffered a broken leg in two places as well as numerous soft tissue injuries to his neck, hip, right hand, left knee and ankle. After undergoing surgery to have a nail inserted into his broken leg, he remained in hospital for another six days before being allowed home on crutches.

“My client’s mobility was so severely affected, he had to move into his mother’s house and was almost entirely dependent on her care,” said Anya. “Over the next few months, he relied on his mother to dress his wounds each day as well as help him with bathing, getting dressed, preparing his meals and transporting him to and from his physiotherapy appointments.”

Uncomfortable with being financially reliant upon his mother, the claimant returned to work after six months - far earlier than was appropriate for his injuries. Although his morning shift collecting refuse only lasted a few hours, each shift was more than sufficient to leave his hip and left leg in considerable pain. Unable even to crouch and tie his shoelaces, the claimant struggled with the role and had to rely on his colleagues to help with his shifts.

“Owing to the physical nature of his work and the fact that his mobility has been so severely compromised, my client is deeply concerned at the prospect of losing or having to change jobs,” said Anya. “As this is the only occupation he has ever known, it is believed he may struggle to find alternative work of a less strenuous and more sedentary nature.

“My client’s left leg is now two centimetres shorter than his right and he finds it particularly painful walking for any distance or over uneven ground,” added Anya. “He cannot crouch or kneel without experiencing pain and he now feels he walks with a pronounced limp. As his injuries have increased the likelihood he may lose his present employment, and his limited job experience means he may struggle to find alternative work, the settlement he has now received reflects any possible future loss of earnings he may incur.”

Following admission of liability, Anya Rupal secured £295,000 for her client in January 2012.

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