Motorcyclist receives £130,000 in damages following collision with car

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Motorcyclist receives £130,000 in damages following collision with car

18th June 2012

A motorcyclist who spent almost two months in hospital after he collided with an oncoming car has received £130,000 in an out of court settlement.

Matthew Claxson, a serious injuries specialist at Fentons Solicitors LLP, said the North London man was returning home when the approaching car suddenly turned and cut across his path. He was given no time to react and collided with the side of the vehicle.

“My client was thrown from his bike and landed heavily several feet away on the tarmac, barely able to move and in considerable pain,” said Matthew, a partner with the firm. “He was rushed to hospital by ambulance having sustained fractures to his pelvis, right leg and right wrist as well as a punctured stomach, severe internal bruising and soft-tissue injuries to his back.”

After undergoing two operations to have metalwork inserted in his leg, the claimant, who is in his 20s, had his wrist placed in a cast. He remained in hospital for the next seven weeks before he was discharged on crutches.

“When my client returned home, he was barely able to move without pain and had to rely on his girlfriend and mother to assist him with his washing, dressing and preparing meals,” said Matthew. “It was six months before he was able to use stairs without help but only by sitting on each step and pulling himself up or down with his arms.”

“It has taken more than two-and-a-half years and extensive physiotherapy for my client to be able to walk in a reasonably normal way,” said Matthew. ”Up until very recently he was still walking awkwardly with the use of a crutch, he had great difficulty dressing and bathing and he suffered with considerable ongoing pain in his right leg and groin.”

Prior to his accident, the claimant was self-employed and ran his own company. But due to his injuries, he was unable to work and consequently had to close his business.

“My client’s right leg is now half an inch shorter than his left and causes him significant mobility issues,” said Matthew. “For the time being he has to use a specially made shoe raise and he will need corrective limb-lengthening surgery in the future. His last three years have been an extremely painful and frustrating ordeal and we wish him all the very best for his continued recovery.”

Matthew settled the claim on behalf of his client for £130,000 in April 2012.

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