Motorcycle collision victim wins damages

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Motorcycle collision victim wins damages

26th July 2010

A fifty year old man who was knocked over whilst out walking his dog has been awarded £60,000 in compensation.

The victim and his dog were three-quarters of the way across a road - some two-hundred metres from the home the man shared with his wife - when a motorcyclist rode into them, killing the dog and causing the man multiple injuries.

"My client was returning home after walking his dog," said Katie Pendower, a serious injuries specialist with Fentons Solicitors LLP, "when a motorcyclist rounded a bend without slowing and ploughed into them.

"My client suffered three fractures to his pelvis, a cracked right shoulder-blade, and a broken collar-bone," said Katie, a partner with the firm. "He sustained deep cuts to his head and shoulder, a torn earlobe, internal bruising and several broken teeth, as well as numerous cuts and bruises to the rest of his body."

The victim managed to crawl to the side of the road before losing consciousness. He was taken by ambulance to hospital where he underwent a full body x-ray and treatment to his fractures as well as stitching to his head and earlobe. He remained in hospital for a further eleven days before being discharged.

The settlement takes into account the significant care and assistance he received from his wife in the period following his discharge, when he remained bed-bound at home and totally dependent upon her for his day-to-day care.

"A personal injury trust was set up to ensure his compensation would not affect his right to benefits," said Katie. "Despite his sadness at losing his dog, my client is pleased with the damages awarded and now hopes to move on with his life."

In April 2010 following lengthy negotiations, Katie settled the claim on behalf of her client for the gross sum of £60,000.

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