Mother receives damages after son killed in tragic road collision

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Mother receives damages after son killed in tragic road collision

16th April 2013

A London woman who tragically lost her young son when he was struck and killed by a car has received £50,000 in an out of court settlement.

Harvinder Kaur, a fatal accident specialist at Fentons Solicitors LLP, said the single mother, who is in her 30s, was left utterly devastated and struggled to cope following the incident which happened more than a year ago.

“My client was with her toddler son chatting to friends on the pavement outside their local community centre,” said Harvinder, a solicitor at the firm. “Her friends had children of their own and her son was happily playing with them when he suddenly ran towards the road. 

“Despite my client immediately running after her son and calling for him to stop, the little boy ignored his mother and ran between two parked cars into the road where he was struck by an oncoming car,” she added. “Tragically, he died on his way to hospital.”

“This was a horribly sad case and every parent’s worse nightmare,” said Harvinder. “Despite my client’s best efforts to stop her son, he was clearly too young to have any understanding of the dangers involved with traffic and with running blindly into the road between two parked vehicles.

“Following her son’s death, my client struggled to come to terms with her loss, despite extensive counselling,” she added. “Prior to the incident, she was self-employed and ran her own business but after losing her son she found it incredibly difficult to work and her business suffered financially as a result.”

The defendant’s insurers denied liability and attempted to claim that owing to the child’s limited height, he had been obscured by the presence of the two parked cars at the point where he had entered the road. As such, it was their contention their client could not have done anything to avoid a collision.

“We were able to secure the evidence of accident reconstruction experts however,” said Harvinder, “who concluded that my client’s son would in fact have been visible to the defendant briefly before the collision and had he been driving slower at the point of impact, there is a chance the boy may not have been killed.

“Although nothing can possibly compensate the enormity of her loss,” she added, “we were satisfied that we were able to spare her the trauma of a trial and negotiate a settlement which will at the very least cover her bereavement award, funeral expenses and the lost earnings she incurred as a result of her not being able to work following her son’s death.” 

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