Moped rider receives £250,000 compensation following collision with car

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Moped rider receives £250,000 compensation following collision with car

8th June 2012

A moped rider who suffered serious leg injuries when he was knocked off his bike by a car has received £250,000 in an out of court settlement.

Vijay Mehan, a serious injuries specialist at Fentons Solicitors LLP, said the Middlesex man was struck on his front left side by the car as it pulled out of the owner’s driveway.

“My client was thrown over his handlebars into the road,” said Vijay, a partner at the firm. “When he tried to stand, the pain in his left leg was so excruciating that he collapsed and thought he would pass out. Fortunately two builders, who were working nearby, were able to pick him up and carry him to the safety of the kerb.”

The claimant, who was a teenager at the time, was taken by ambulance to hospital having suffered injuries to his back, neck and left shoulder as well as a broken left leg and extensive ligament damage around his left knee. After an x-ray revealed a fracture to his knee, he was fitted with a knee brace and discharged the same day on crutches.

“When my client’s knee ballooned over the following two weeks he returned to hospital where further x-rays revealed a previously unseen second fracture to his knee,” said Vijay. “A cast was then applied to his leg from his hip to his ankle and he was sent home into the care of his family who helped him with his personal hygiene and getting dressed each day.”

Over the next 18 months and despite extensive physiotherapy, the claimant’s knee remained swollen and weak and refused to heal. In addition to developing a grinding sensation and an accompanying clicking noise whenever he tried to walk, he also suffered shooting pains if he attempted to run.

“Following an operation to repair the ligaments around his knee, my client experienced continued severe pain which was heightened whenever he lay in bed or sat with his knees bent at ninety degrees,” said Vijay. “Furthermore, his knee continued to click, he was unable to kneel or squat and he found it extremely difficult to climb stairs or walk without pain for more than a short distance.

“My client was previously fit and healthy and used to play football up to four times a week,” he added. “He now has to wear a knee brace and can only play for a limited time one evening a week. Prior to the accident, he had just accepted a position at a building firm and was very excited to be starting what he believed could have led to a permanent contract. However, as a result of the incident he was prevented from taking the role and was unable to work again for nearly 18 months.

“In addition, he has been told he is very likely to develop osteoarthritis at a young age and he will need a total knee replacement by the time he reaches 50.”

After liability was admitted, Vijay settled the claim on behalf of his client for £250,000.

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