Moped rider receives £1.5m settlement following head-on collision

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Moped rider receives £1.5m settlement following head-on collision

7th February 2012

A young man who suffered brain damage and multiple serious injuries following a head-on collision with a car, has received £1.5m in damages in an out of court settlement.

Matthew Clayton, a serious injuries  expert at Fentons Solicitors LLP, said the young man had been travelling home on his moped when a car overtaking in the opposite direction encroached into his side of the road causing a head-on collision.

“My client sustained a serious head injury as well as multiple fractures to his legs, pelvis, spine and his foot,” said Matthew, a partner with the firm. “In addition, he suffered neurovascular injuries which affected his right leg and foot, ligament damage around his spine, nerve damage above his pelvis and hearing loss with tinnitus in one ear.”

The young moped rider was taken by ambulance to hospital and immediately underwent extensive surgery. “He had to have a nail inserted into his right upper leg, reconstructive surgery to his femoral artery and external fixators applied to his left leg and arm,” said Matthew.

“Two days after surgery, my client reported having no pulse or movement in his right foot and a complete loss of sensation from the knee down. He was diagnosed with femoral compartment syndrome and following surgery to his thighs and shins, it was discovered he had suffered extensive nerve and ligament damage around his spine as well as a severe crush fracture to his sternum.

“As well as undergoing numerous further operations to have nails and metal plates inserted into his damaged arms and legs, my client also had to endure contracting MRSA before he was eventually discharged in a wheelchair, more than four months later,” added Matthew. “Due to the sheer extent of his injuries and resulting needs he required almost constant care and support from his partner, as well as the services of a case management company, litigation friend, support workers and psychologists.”

Due in part to his brain injury, which fortunately turned out to be less severe than was initially feared, the claimant suffered from memory loss as well as high levels of stress and at times, depression and anxiety. His career ambitions of following his father’s footsteps into the construction industry have sadly been cut short and it is unlikely he will ever be able to return to gainful employment.

“My client was incredibly lucky not to have been killed,” said Matthew. “His life however, has obviously been completely transformed and he remains predominantly wheelchair-bound and in considerable pain. It is hoped the settlement he has now received will help as he continues to adapt to the dramatic changes this horrendous ordeal has forced upon him through no fault of his own.”

Following admission of liability, Matthew settled the claim on behalf of his client for £1.5m, which included £187,000 in interim payments.

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