Man unable to work following collision receives £300,000 compensation

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Man unable to work following collision receives £300,000 compensation

28th August 2015

A construction worker who was unable to return to work after he was seriously injured in a high speed road accident, has received more than £300,000 in compensation

The man was driving his car to work when another motorist lost control of her vehicle and veered into his own. He was rushed to hospital by ambulance, where he was treated for his injuries and underwent surgery to repair a number of fractures. The other motorist was sadly killed in the incident.

Leanne Tattam, a specialist serious injuries lawyer with Fentons Solicitors, said the man – who was in his 50s - sustained such a catalogue of injuries that it affected his ability to work.

“As a result of the accident my client suffered multiple fractures to his pelvis, a fractured wrist, fracture and dislocation to his hip, along with multiple fractures and dislocation to his foot,” said Leanne. “He underwent numerous reconstruction and fixation surgeries – involving the insertion of various metal pins and rods - and although they were successful in the main he has been left suffering from constant aches and pain, and with considerable and understandable limitations to his mobility.

“In addition, he also suffered a head injury and moderate brain injury,” said Leanne. “He has become more forgetful, he admits to having wild mood swings and has also been diagnosed with depression, for which he takes medication. He is also extremely fearful to the point of having a phobia about travelling in a car,” she said.

After spending more than six weeks in hospital, the man was released home where he relied on his family to look after him. “He was initially using a wheelchair when he was discharged,” said Leanne. “He was unable to use the stairs at home, so a bed was brought downstairs for him and he would use a commode. Access to the home was also via a flight of stairs, and whilst the family managed in the short term, it soon became clear that he would need to move to single-storey accommodation.”

The defendant in the case was the insurance company of the other motorist, and after admitting liability for the man’s injuries they offered to settle the claim for around £200,000.

“Whilst that was clearly a not inconsiderable amount, it didn’t take into account the full implications of my client’s injuries – the care he would need, and his inability to return to the construction industry in which he had worked for many years,” said Leanne.

“We secured expertevidence from a number of medical specialists, including an orthopaedic surgeon who specialised in hip fractures, a consultant neurologist, psychiatrist, and neuropsychologist,” she said. “These medical experts were in agreement that the extent and nature of the injuries meant that my client could not undertake the physical work he had done prior to the accident, and he was therefore severely disadvantaged on the open labour market. As the injuries therefore affected his ability to earn a living, we factored this into our negotiations.”

Leanne settled the claim on behalf of her client for a total of £310,000.

“This hard-working family man was injured through absolutely no fault of his own,” she said. “I’m pleased that following our negotiations, we were bale to secure sufficient compensation for him to ensure that he and his family can look to the future and concentrate on his recovery, without being concerned over their future financial security.”

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