Man severely injured in fatal collision receives £300,000

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Man severely injured in fatal collision receives £300,000

13th March 2012

A terminally ill man who was seriously injured in the head-on collision which tragically killed his wife, has received £300,000 in damages in an out of court settlement.

Rose Gibson, a serious injuries expert at Fentons Solicitors LLP, said her client - who is in his 60s and does not have long to live owing to a pre-existing serious genetic disorder - was returning home from a shopping trip with his wife when an oncoming vehicle, which was attempting to overtake a lorry, encroached into their side of the road and collided with their car.

“Following the crash, it took the emergency services nearly two hours to cut the severely injured couple from the wreckage,” said Rose, a partner at the firm. “Having both been rushed to hospital, my client’s wife, who had suffered considerable damage to her legs, sadly died later that night.

“My client sustained multiple fractures to his neck, spine and ribs. In addition, he suffered an injury to his head as well as massive bruising to his legs and abdomen.

“When a scan revealed he had significant internal bleeding he was advised that he needed emergency surgery,” added Rose. “However, due to his existing illness, he refused doctors permission to operate as he was afraid that any surgery might lead to complications. Instead, he was transferred to a specialist trauma unit, where he remained for nearly three months to allow for his injuries to fully heal.

“His injuries were so severe that he was unable even to sit up for the first four weeks to allow the fractures in his back to stabilise.”

After extensive physiotherapy, the retired father-of-one returned home but found the trauma of what had happened incredibly hard to cope with. He struggled with everyday tasks such as cooking, cleaning and bathing and following repeated episodes of poor sleep, flashbacks, dizziness, blackouts and memory loss, he was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder.

“Although my client has continued to receive care from his son as well as nurses who are familiar with his illness, he has struggled to adapt to the tragic manner in which his life has been utterly transformed,” said Rose.

“He has naturally found the loss of his wife of over 30 years, who he relied upon for his care, absolutely devastating. It is hoped the settlement he has received – which takes into account the injuries he sustained as well as the care he will now need in regard to his condition - will at least remove concern over his future financial security as he attempts to come to terms with his loss.”

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