Horse rider told she can never ride again after head-on collision

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Horse rider told she can never ride again after head-on collision

23rd July 2013

A horse rider who was told the devastating news that she would never ride again after she shattered her hip in a head-on road collision has received £42,000 in an out of court settlement.

When the Essex woman, who is her 50s, regained consciousness following the impact between her van and another vehicle, she discovered that she was covered in blood, unable to move and her van keys had become embedded in her right knee.

“My client was driving along a country lane near her home when an oncoming car pulled out to overtake another vehicle and crossed into her path,” said Anne Lankester, a specialist serious injuries lawyer at Fentons Solicitors LLP. “Although she has no memory of the actual impact, she remembers being dragged from the wreckage of her van by firemen unable to speak and in absolute agony.”

The woman was rushed by ambulance to a hospital in Chelmsford having suffered a shattered right hip and severe cuts to her head, face and legs. Following an emergency operation on her hip, she was transferred to a London hospital after four days where she underwent seven hours of surgery to have a steel plate and pins inserted around her broken pelvis.

“When my client was discharged from hospital on crutches her pain was in her own words ‘horrendous’,” said Anne. “For the next several weeks she was looked after at home by her partner and was unable to bear any weight on her injured right side. It then took another three months of what she described as ‘absolute agony’ before she was able to walk or return to her part-time job as a receptionist.

“My client was initially told she wouldn’t be able to ride for six months,” she added. “But when after three months it was found that her shattered hip had failed to heal properly, she had to undergo a total hip replacement and was told the devastating news that she would never ride again.

Following her hip replacement, the woman was confined to her bed for the next four weeks and then unable to walk properly for a further six months. Having always been passionate about horses and riding, she felt heartbroken at the news she would never ride again and had to be prescribed with antidepressants.

“Since her accident, my client has suffered a number of flashbacks and remains very apprehensive in cars - especially when travelling along the same route on which the collision occurred,” said Anne. “Previously, she had always led a very active life which included looking after a large garden as well as a number of animals. Although her injuries have finally healed she now struggles with bending down and getting in an out of her bath and she often finds it very difficult putting her shoes and tights on.”

The defendant driver, who was responsible for the collision, was convicted of driving without due care and attention.

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